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I am playing through the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. I have completed the first dungeon and I'm looking for the way into the second, but it appears to be blocked by stone. I found a cave with an old man in it, and he says that in order to get into this second dungeon I must find the book of Mudora, which should be located in the house of books.

Where is the book of Mudora? Where is the house of books?

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The Book of Mudora is in the library just south of Kakariko village. It's on top of a book shelf that you have to use your Peagus Boots to slam into. After ramming into the book shelf, the book falls off and you can grab it. Here's a video showing this:

Here's an image showing it. It's number 15:


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The House of Books is a library located on the southern side of Kakariko Village.

enter image description here

The library itself is elevated on a hill, with a book and quill plaque on the front of the building:

enter image description here

The book of Mudora is located inside on top of a bookshelf to the left, you will need to run at the bookshelf in order to knock the book off the top:

enter image description here

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