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I am playing Diablo 3 and find it quite hard to distinguish good items from bad items.

Is there a table where i can see, where the max values of the items are listed?

I would then keep everything that has at least 80% of the max values.

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not a horrible idea. – Ender Nov 23 '12 at 12:43

There are too many max stats on all the gears to list, but this website has a good interactive GUI that shows you all of them (including legendaries).

Here is a c/p example for just weapons:

One-Handed Melee
Dexterity+400 (Devil Tongue)
Intelligence+400 (Devil Tongue)
Strength+400 (Devil Tongue)
Vitality+400 (Devil Tongue)
Attack Speed+21% (Azurewrath)
Attack Speed+11%
Attacks per Second+0.25 (Echoing Fury)
Attacks per Second+0.17 (The Ancient Bonesaber of Zumakalis)
Cold Damage+458
Critical Hit Chance+1% (Sever)
Critical Hit Chance+1% (Born's Searing Spite)
Critical Hit Chance+1% (Kill)
Critical Hit Chance+1% (Flesh Tearer)
Critical Hit Chance+1% (Nutcracker)
Critical Hit Damage+100%
Damage against Elites+10% (Sun Keeper)
Damage against Elites+6%
Elemental Damage+727
Maximum Damage+411
Minimum Damage+316
Block Chance+7% (Doombringer)
Thorns+811 (Nailbiter)
Cold Resistance+20 (The Wedge)
Fire Resistance+50 (The Burning Axe of Sankis)
Resistance to All+80 (Empyrean Messenger)
Resistance to All+80 (Wizardspike)
Life per Hit+959
Life per Kill+2878
Life per Second+599 (Sky Splitter)
Life Steal+3%
Life per Fury Spent+20 (Blade of the Warlord)
Max Fury+15
Bonus Experience+24
Magic Find+45% (Sun Keeper)
Reduced Level Req.+18
Chance On Hit
Chance to Blind+2.6%
Chance to Chill+2.6%
Chance to Fear+20% (Echoing Fury)
Chance to Fear+2.6%
Chance to Freeze+15% (Azurewrath)
Chance to Freeze+2.6%
Chance to Immobilize+2.6%
Chance to infl. Bleed+35%
Chance to Knockback+2.6%
Chance to Slow+2.6%
Chance to Stun+2.6%

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