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I grabbed KOTOR 2 in the latest Steam sale to see what all the fuss was about with the recently completed Sith Lords Restored Content Mod.

The game runs fine, but I'm finding the max resolution of 1024x768 jarring. Is there any way I can raise this closer to my native 1440x900? If it's locked at 4:3 and has no widescreen support, that's fine, I'm perfectly happy with 1200x900, but playing the game letterboxed this badly is kind of painful.

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You can set a custom resolution by editing the ini files in the game installation folder. The specific file in question is swkotor2.ini, and the specific section of this ini file you're looking for is [Graphics Options]. If any of the following settings don't exist you can add them within this section to get the resolution you want;

Width=1920           Horizontal resolution
Height=1080          Vertical resolution
FullScreen=1         Set fullscreen mode

The width and height settings in this file determine the screen resolution that Knights of the Old Republic 2 will run at, allowing you to run the game at resolutions that are not present within the KOTOR2 launcher.

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