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As a long time SimCity 4 player, I am playing SimCity Social so as to wait for SimCity 5. The game is not as casual as I thought a Facebook game would be, and my growth is kind of stagnant, having more land permits than Simoleons to expand. So, I am looking for some verdicts on the various ways of earning Simoleons.

  • Cheap, frequent pay out business
  • Expensive, infrequent pay out business
  • Farm
  • Selling materials
  • Selling fame bought buildings

(Is that all?)

I know it also depends on your pattern of available time. What are some generic ways to factor that in?

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In addition to what you mentioned,

  • Clicking on the mayor's house typically gives you several thousand §. (Every 24 h. Value depends on house level.)
  • Building a university and sending your citizens to work gives you "salary".
  • The game's Facebook page gives out freebies every day, sometimes a significant amount of Simoleons.
  • Bonus when you level up.

Most businesses have short cycles but returns only small amounts, as you've mentioned. I believe most players do not sit in front of their PCs all day, but play it once or twice a day. In that case, it's a better idea to gain from 24-hour cycle tasks: mayor's house, farms (soybeans and wool), and sending citizens to work (give them a 24-hour job).

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