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Various items can be purchased in-game using Cartel Coins from the in-game Black Market.

I have noticed that it is possible to get certain items marked as 'Cartel Items' (for example a minor experience boost consumable item) but is it possible to get Cartel Coins from any source other than the 'pay to win' store?

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You don't get Cartel Coins from the Cartel Market ... other than grants for buying the game/subscribing/referring friends/security key/etc. (website) you only get them via buying them from and potentially via retail cards in the future (similar to gametime cards). – Matthew Read Nov 28 '12 at 0:40
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Yes! In Game Update 2.0, certain Legacy Achievements grant Cartel Coins. They only grant once per Legacy, so it's not a feasible way to get a lot of them for free, but it's kind of cool.

From the official SWTOR blog (emphasis mine):

This update also includes an all-new Achievements system. Starting in Game Update 2.0, players will be able to earn Achievements for all sorts of activities in-game, including crafting, exploring and unleashing their wrath on the world around them. Over 1,900 Achievements are in this release, and we see the system as a great way to add more, and more varied gameplay in future updates. Achievements can also grant rewards such as titles and in some cases Cartel Coins.

Currently you can get a total of 860, as per Dulfy.

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So about $8 worth. – Nick T Nov 13 '13 at 17:31

To the best of my knowledge, No. However, most (all?) items and upgrades purchasable with Cartel Coins are themselves tradable and can be resold using in game currency, such as via the GTN.

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In fact, if any other site not officially and verifiably associated with SWTOR/Bioware offers to sell you cartel coins, I'd be very very suspicious... – Shadur Feb 20 '13 at 10:25

This may not have been the case at the time. But it appears bioware/EA have partnered with amazon as they sell cartel coin codes which come with a free gift (read : cosmetic/noncombat companion).


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cartel coins can be get by doing archeivments.each archeivment that gives cartel coins give 20. it is an easy way for f2p people to get them.

the easiest one are to do the first planet class quest missions. you can get about 80 per day

and it works in a legacy system. there is 1 legacy per SERVER not per acount.

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