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So I just bought Kindred Mage. I have Calm, and Rage. Calm is supposed to work against most types up to level 9. Add the Animage perk and that would be level 17 limit (yes animals only, I realize that part). Fury is up to level 6 opponents. Kindred Mage is supposed to make 'all illusion spells' work on higher level opponents (+10 levels). I also have Hypnotic Gaze which is supposed to make Calm spells work on higher levels.

However Calm just says up to 17. and Fury still says 6. What gives?

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There's nothing tricksy going on here.

Animage and Kindred Mage are both active and working... but because their bonus is conditional, they don't get added in to the tooltip.

Calm says 17 because the base level of 9 + 8 from Hypnotic Gaze is +17. You can still effect up to level 25 animals and up to level 27 humanoids, the tooltip just hasn't updated. (Though given how hard it is to be certain of an enemy's level in Skyrim, it's often moot)

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