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In Chapter 4, just after killing four guys in some wrecked building, Passos yells from a balcony that "there is a way down the street." But the guy isn't moving and he's blocking the way out. The only way I found to get outside it was by jumping on his left side. But after a short while, while going down the rusty stairs, I die without any reason, just like if some game script couldn't trigger properly...

Is this a bug or glitch? Am I missing something?

Passos blocking the way

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In the case where this is a bug, the Steam tag is actually revelant; don't remove it please. – Anto Nov 29 '12 at 20:36
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Ok so yeah, it was a bug. According to this video, there's nothing special to do; just come closer from Passos, and a cutscene (what else ?) will start, unveiling the rest of the level.

In order to get over this bug, I had to leave the game and reload my last save; from there, everything went fine.

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