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I'd like to try Waking Mars and noticed that the Android version is half the price of the Linux/Windows/Mac version. Is there a difference between them?

Is the game fully playable on Android, e.g. on the Galaxy S3? I haven't managed to find a demo.

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While I can't say for certain, I can say I have played quite a way though this game thanks to the recent Humble Android Bundle and it doesn't seem to be trying to end any time soon. One of the few Android games I haven't been completely disappointed with in a long while. – Aeo Nov 30 '12 at 19:40
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It's the whole game, but not with the highest-quality art and sound assets available, though that is set to change.

I bought the Humble Android Bundle and own both.

The PC Version has higher-res graphics, so you could say it takes full advantage of the bigger screen.

There's some direct info in this entry on Tiger Style's blog

You can also buy Waking Mars for Windows, Mac, and Linux directly from us on the Waking Mars website! We’ve said it before, but the game surprised even us with how natural it feels on PC. Kicking back on the couch holding a gamepad watching it on the HDTV was a proud moment!

In addition to the regular technical and controls type work that goes into a port, we massively upgraded the story presentation. Check out the improved character portraits, below. We also added professional voice acting which we’re really pleased with and we’re glad to see the critics and fans digging it too!

We don’t like to be stingy with our iOS roots, so we ported over all this voice acting and art goodness as a major update to the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch versions. It’s almost like a whole new game, and as always App Store updates are free, so download and enjoy today!

Additional to that, this tweet, Waking Mars on Android does not have voice acting yet. It's in progress but no ETA yet. Watch for updates here., indicates that the higher-quality assets will ultimately become available on Android too, but you might have to wait a wee bit.

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