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Related: How do I know what manufacturer's parts are on a gun?

The accepted answer to the linked question indicates that all guns by a particular manufacturer share a common trait: Tediore guns always explode when you reload them, Hyperion guns become more accurate the more you shoot, and so on.

Does this apply to E-tech weapons as well? For example, will a Railer Sniper Rifle made by Dahl shoot differently than a Railer Sniper Rifle made by Maliwan?

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Yes; the Borderlands Wiki page for e-Tech notes the unique traits of each. E-tech guns actually vary slightly more based on manufacturer; the names and special effects can be different based on manufacturer; for example the PRAMZMA CANNON, which is unsurprisingly a Bandit gun, is a unique class of E-Tech rocket launcher. But in addition to extra special manufacturer-specific stuff, Tediore E-Tech explodes on reload, Hyperion E-Tech stabilizes with recoil, etc.

Interestingly Jakobs and Torgue don't appear to make E-Tech guns, ever. This is probably due to almost all E-Tech guns being elemental; I've seen exactly one non-elemental E-Tech gun (a BlASSter AR, IIRC, from Zed's quest introducing you to E-Tech) and zero explosive E-Tech guns.

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There is a Torgue E-Tech and Jakobs does make element guns now. I have a Jakob's Acid Shotgun. – user40926 Jan 14 '13 at 20:52

Yes they do. I have a Dahl E-Tech SMG that has burst fire when scoped. I'd imagine other manufacturing bonuses also apply to other e-tech weapons.

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