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I'm currently playing Version 1.4.4 of Angry birds on. I have managed to get three stars in all sections in Poached Eggs, Mighty Hoax, Danger Above and The Big Setup. I have 17 golden eggs and stars in all of them. Now, nothing is happening.

How can I progress to the next bit?

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possibly related to… ? – badp Oct 21 '10 at 10:11
Version 1.4.4 is specific to iThings ... as written, I think this is an Apple-device question. – Dave DuPlantis Sep 27 '11 at 12:33

I don't think any more levels have been released yet. As the game is updated, more levels will become available, so it looks like you're going to have to wait.

Edit: There have been some new levels released - The "Ham 'em High" level pack will become available once you update your application.

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yup,v 1.4.4 has 21 levels on chapters 1-5 (sections 1 and 2, or poached eggs and might hoax) and 15 levels on chapters 6-11 (sections 3 and 4, or danger above and the big setup). So far that's all they've released. – cabbey Dec 7 '10 at 21:44

A new "world", Ham 'Em High, has been released. You need to update the app in order to get these new levels. And once you beat them, expect nothing to happen unless there's another update. This game has an end :)

Edit: Another set of 45 levels, Mine and Dine, has been released, plus the Birthday levels.

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