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I played Resident Evil Nemesis a long time ago but was stuck on the first fight with Nemesis. My health was low then, and I couldn't find a way to defeat him. I tried to find some cheats that will skip that fight but couldn't, so I had to stop playing the game. I want to play this good game, so can anybody tell me the way to defeat him with very low health or some cheats to skip the fight? thanks in advance friends.

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Yes, you stick to his right and run past him, turn around and blast him when he gets close. I think that pressing o at the right time will make you dodge by rolling away. You can avoid the fight completely by running into the station.

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You can try run by his right side, he will try to hit you with his left side. Once you passed him not too far or he will chase you, turn around and shoot him. Nemesis will fall but will get up again, so keep doing this until he falls and starts bleeding (purple blood).

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