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We need plants to make medicine or other stuff for hunting, for that you need to gather plants. The question is, do these plants respawn after a certain amount of time or do I have to check for others around the whole map?

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Plants do in fact respawn. Just outside of the starting village (to the left of the path Dennis leads you down to point out the first radio tower) there's a green plant in a small field; I have harvested it several times. I don't know what triggers respawning, or if the respawn interval is somehow fixed.

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Through my experiences, fast traveling and reloading the game allowed my to loot the plants again. Granted this was after a short period of time ( questing /exploring / etc) - nothing more than 5-10 minutes.

If you have a few fast travel locations available, I recommend going from camp to camp harvesting. By the time you come back around to the first camp you started at, the plants should have re-spawned.

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