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Possible Duplicate:
What do you get when you level after you have already reached level 80?

I have reached level 80, but I have noticed I am still getting experience. In addition to getting experience, I still seem to reach the 'new level' threshold, get the character animation and the voice prompt with the big splash. After this happens my experience bar resets, like I have just got a new level, and continues counting.

Is it normal to continue levelling after reaching the level cap?

What is happening? Is there any benefit from continuing to grind experience?

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It is perfectly normal to continue leveling!

Once you hit level 80, you will continue to gain XP. Every time you level after (254,000 XP), you will gain a Skill Point! These skill points can be used as currency for purchasing Mystic Forge crafting items from Miyani in Lion's Arch.

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