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How do I get my roller-skater to skate? I've tried forward, back, forward, back, but she just won't move!

I am playing this through the Wii's Virtual Console, which (oddly enough) uses the Commodore 64 version of California Games, rather than the NES version.

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If I remember correctly, you had to alternate UP and Down in the right corners to move forward.

I had to confirm, so I got the instruction on the c64-wiki :

- Joy|Fire Fire button: start
- Joy|RightForwards + {Joy|RightBackwards Joystick right up/right down in turns: speed up
- Joy|LeftBackwards Joystick left down: 360° turn clockwise
- Joy|LeftForwards Joystick left up: 360° turn anticlockwise
- Joy|Fire Press fire button: hunker down
- Joy|Neutral Let go fire button: jump

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