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It is a common job to accept that requires you to find the person responsible in hacking their system at a specified time by traversing through each log files in every computer the hacker connected.

My problem now is the log file leads me to nowhere. The last one I checked does not contain any entries that has the same date and time as the specified ones.

I tried redoing the tracing again but it still leads me through the same machine. There isn't even a deleted entry showing that the hacker deleted his logs files.

Is there something that I missed?

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Is the last machine a personal computer? If so you have found the hacker.

If not then it sounds like you waited too long before doing the mission - the hacker will eventually come back and completely delete their logs to cover their steps. From The Ultimate Uplink Guide

NOTES: If you take one of these missions, make sure it isn't more than a couple of hours old, by checking the date it was posted. If the mission is too old, it will be impossible, because the hacker will have gone back and totally removed his logs. Make sure you delete your logs between every connection. Do not leave all the logs until you have finished the mission as you maybe passive traced before you are finished.

Also if it is a bank make sure that you are logging into the admin section

If the Log points to a bank (or it is an Unauthorised Money transfer mission, which starts at the bank) make sure you hack the admin section and not someone's account. The logs you need cannot be found in an account.

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The last machine is a company owned terminal, so it seems that the hacker did deleted his logs totally. – MegaNairda Dec 8 '12 at 10:10

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