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I've been constructing a space station, and up to this point, I've been using autonomous launch vehicles to put unmanned sections into orbit. But now it's time to have a permanent presence in orbit.

I've just docked my first crew transfer vehicle to the station hub, and now I want to transfer the crew to one of the Hitchhiker pods, but they don't want to seem to go through the docking ports I conveniently placed.

How can I move them onto the station without taking them on an EVA?

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As of the latest version (.18), the ability to transfer crew via docking ports has not been implemented. Fuel can be transferred without a problem, but crew, unfortunately, require EVA to populate the habitation modules.

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It is now possible to transfer crew members without EVA between docked ships.

The KSP wiki has a section explaining how at the bottom of the Crew page:

... in case of transfer option, we can click on an another cabin with free seat in the same craft or a docked together group ...

Not sure which version this was added, but the screenshot on the wiki is dated October 2014.


This was added in v0.25 - see the release notes on the wiki that has a section stating:

Crew Transfer

Kerbals in the same vessel don't need a spacesuit anymore to switch seats. Just click the crew hatch and select Transfer to tell them to go sit somewhere else.

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That might be with a mod. I don't think that's vanilla. I haven't played Kerbal for a little bit though. – Rob Rose Apr 17 '15 at 20:31
@RobertRose: It is vanilla ksp as of v0.25 – Grhm Apr 22 '15 at 10:05

While there's no stock way to do it as far as 0.20.1, there's a fan-made plugin that implements that functionality and more:!-Create-Edit-Remove-Kerbals

It also lets you pre-populate the Hitchhiker pods when you launch them, if you so desire.

Edit: still true as of 0.24

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