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I have not encountered any Sewer Missions on job boards while playing through RAGE. The Wiki only describes the Wasteland Sewer Missions as X360 DLC. However in game properties in Steam I can see "Rage Sewers DLC". Is it something different than the X360 DLC? Or maybe I need to do something to activate this DLC?

enter image description here

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You have to find the sewers first. The job board postings happen after you've gone through a sewer once, and the posts are only for sewers you've cleared. There are quite a few sewers scattered around. Look for manholes.

Source: I played the Steam version.

Small spoiler! The first sewer:

is near the Ark you come out of, under a bridge, and has a guy standing next to it.

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Ah, that's awkward to have to first clear the sewer to get job to clear the sewer ;-) They are much smaller missions, than I've expected. Anyway, that worked. Thanks. – vartec Dec 17 '12 at 9:45

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