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I managed to get a Bloodthirsty Medal with four pistol kill and a single knife kill. I was wondering, though, if I equip a Tactical Knife, does it count towards a medal if I knife someone with it?

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Yes. It doesn't matter what weapon you use, as long as you get a 5 kill streak. 5 kills without dying.

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see my question was about the challenge bloodthirsty count, Where you have to get 10 bloodthirsty medals. and I wasn't sure if i equipped the tac knife if it would count towards it or not – ulltima101 Dec 10 '12 at 22:38
also the reaosn im asking is for the pistol specifically like i needed 2 more bloodthirsty medals and after the match ended i only needed one so i was wondering if i could just equip tac knife nand go ham wiht it – ulltima101 Dec 10 '12 at 22:44

I tried to get a bloodthirsty medal with the tactical knife -- it did not work. The tactical attachment holds your combat knife at the ready, which I suppose makes sense. Hope this helps.

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The kills you get with the Tac knife go toward your gun that your using (Commenly pistols). Since it counts as an attachment.

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