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I built up an inventory of over 20 level 1 xmp bursters, and thought that would be enough to take over a low level portal - not even close. However, I did finally notice that I did different amounts of damage to the resonators depending on where I stood. I started off standing near the portal, but only did about 1% damage to each of the surrounding resonators. But if I moved closer to the resonators, I did up to 8% damage to that one resonator, and a little bit to the others resonators in range.

Is it faster to detonate xmp bursters on the resonators or on the portals for maximum damage?

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The basic rule for a single standing wide spreading portal: you start on top of the strongest resonator and once it is almost finished you move to the opposite side or if there is a high level resonator (say 6) which is not at the opposite side you should take it anyway.

You can do finishing blows from the middle, even from xmp 1 all resonators get 1-2% damage.

Actually portal takeover is very tricky and situation specific, sometimes you have multiple portals close by and this requires other tactics, sometimes you have unreachable resonators and this is something very different.

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If you don't have enough ammo don't even start a fight, it would be just a waste of xmp and your time. Once you got the first resonator there us always a possibility that portal owner will recharge his portal and you might end up fighting additional 10k of xm. – BanditoBunny Dec 10 '12 at 22:28
To add to BanditoBunny's comment. When any of them get destroyed the owner gets an email which is why it makes it more likely that 10K will appear – Dan R Dec 11 '12 at 14:41
If you are level one and there are not a lot of portals around you destroying a single resonator will give you AP. So if there is no other way to level up go for the weak resonators. – Killerdackel Dec 18 '12 at 12:05
@Killerdackel I disagree. Destroying a resonator gives you 65 AP, hacking an enemy portal 100 AP plus the chance of getting items. If you destroy only one Resonator, the enemy can replace it and gain 125 AP. So you should never attack a portal when you can't finish it. – Sentry Mar 14 '13 at 23:18
@Sentry correct attacking a portal without the chance of at least destroying links and fields is wasted equipment. – Killerdackel Mar 18 '13 at 11:00

BanditoBunny suggests to start with the strongest resonators, but that's not always the best strategy. When resonators vary a lot in level and charge, it's often better to take out the weakest first:

  • Portals get extra defense bonus from links ("link mitigation"). The more links, the higher the bonus. Since a portal drops all of its links once there are only 2 resonators remaining, it's often a good strategy to destroy the weakest 6 resonators first.
  • Starting with the weakest has another advantage that the portal level drops quicker -- meaning it will do less damage to you when it attacks you back.

As you note, if the resonators are placed far apart, targeting individual resonators is much more important with low-level XMPs, because they do very little damage at longer range. Roughly starting with level 4-5 it's more efficient to stand between two resonators; with 7-8 you should aim somewhere half way between the portal and a resonator.

The IPAS (Ingress Portal Attack Simulator) is a very useful tool to get the hang of attack mechanics and to plan your attacks in advance.

Attacking this should be a no-brainer: Attacking this should be a no-brainer

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This answer deserves some more votes people. The IPAS alone is already very useful. – phunehehe Jan 22 '14 at 15:22

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