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I'm doing my first challenge run in The Binding of Isaac and I've decided to do the the first challenge on the list: Dark was the Night. This is the challenge where you automatically have the Curse of Darkness on all floors.

In this run I came across a shop selling the Treasure Map item.
This item "Reveals all rooms for every floor, including the Secret Room. However, it does not reveal icons."(from the wiki)

Which ability has priority? The curse or the map? Will I be able to see the map again? Or will it be a waste of 15 pennys?

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Purchasing the Treasure Map in the Dark was the Night challenge will not override the Curse of Darkness
As seen in the screen shot of me buying the map below, the map will not show any rooms. The Curse of Darkness has priority over the map. It is just a waste of 15 pennys.

dat face

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