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I've Googled like crazy and I can't find a list of the levels anywhere. All I could find is walkthrough videos.

Anyone know how many levels/chapters/parts there are?

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There are 21 chapters:

Prelude: The Metro
Chapter 1: No Talk
Chapter 2: Overdose
Chapter 3: Decadence
Chapter 4: Tension
Chapter 5: Full House
Chapter 6: Clean Hit
Chapter 7: Neighbours
Chapter 8: Push It
Chapter 9: Crackdown
Chapter 10: Hot-N-Heavy
Chapter 11: Deadline
Chapter 12: Trauma
Chapter 13: Assault
Chapter 14: Vengenace
Final Chapter: Showdown

Mouse over for spoilers...

Chapter 16: Safehouse
Chapter 17: Fun&Games
Chapter 18: Prank Call
Chapter 19: Resolution
Bonus Chapter: Highball
Special Chapter: Exposed

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Should I mark this down as a spoiler? – Jeff Dec 13 '12 at 19:42
Probably, just to be safe. – Kotsu Dec 13 '12 at 20:03

Heh! After I posted that I finally found an answer! Here they are for anyone else who may be interested...

  • Prelude: The Metro.
  • Chapter 1: No Talk.
  • Chapter 2: Overdose.
  • Chapter 3: Decadence.
  • Chapter 4: Tension.
  • Chapter 5: Full House.
  • Chapter 6: Clean Hit.
  • Chapter 7: Neighbours.
  • Chapter 8: Push It.
  • Chapter 9: Crackdown.
  • Chapter 10: Hot-N-Heavy.
  • Chapter 11: Deadline.
  • Chapter 12: Trauma.
  • Chapter 13: Assault.
  • Chapter 14: Vengenace.
  • Final Chapter: Showdown.
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