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I've always wondered this from Final Fantasy XIII. You know, Dysley's white bird seems to play an important role during the game: it seems to spy the party during their adventures, and, ultimately, immerses in a pool and gives birth to Orphan.

I never understood what was up with such bird: did it have any meaning other than serve Dysley?

And also: why did it have to immerse into the pool to create Orphan?

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Menrva is actually part of Dysley/Barthandelus - just an extension of his power. Barthandelus hopes to sacrifice himself to revive Orphan in a complicated ploy to then kill him. In order to accomplish this, he needs all of his power, which means that he has to merge with Menrva to finish the task:

In the end, after its master is defeated and sinks into Orphan's pool, Menrva flies into the pool to fully revive Orphan as it assimilated Barthandelus unto its body.

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