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To unlock new attacks, you need to find these big, coloured, glowy balls throughout the various missions.

Pink Glowy Ball Sorry for the blurry image, I was running.

Which missions can I find each new attack in? I feel like I've missed the green one, because it's the second one in the list, and it's one of the only two I still haven't found.

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The abilities are all located in the first episode; so far there's no new unlocks in any later episodes (although there's only two at the moment).

Here's where each ability is located:

  • Pulse - Tutorial (Redundant)
  • Blast - Hot Rocks
  • Eruptor - Lake Bottom
  • Stun - White Drifts
  • Orbit - The Beaten Path
  • Seeker - Light Source

I've also marked each location on the following map.

Caster Map

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