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I just came across something called Shrine of Skill Mastery. I activated it, and there was a glowy effect around my character, and a noise, but I didn't receive anything as far as I can work out.

What did this do?

Shrine of Skill Mastery

This is what it looks like, but I've already activated it

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I suspect that it adds +X to all your skills. Double-check your skill levels. – Frank Dec 20 '12 at 16:47
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The Shrine of Skill Mastery provides a bonus of +2 to all skills in which you've already spent at least 1 point. It also reduces the mana cost of all skills by 25% for the duration that the buff is active.

For future reference, you can find out what any buff does by mousing over the icon it leaves near your health orb - the tooltips are usually pretty clear.

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