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I purchased DOOM 3 BFG edition, which includes The Ultimate DOOM, DOOM2, and DOOM3.

I've played the first two episodes (Knee-Deep In The Dead and The Shores of Hell) already, and I'm starting out on the third episode - Inferno.

Like each of the DOOM episodes, there are nine levels - eight normal levels and one secret level in each - I haven't had any success in finding the secret levels in any episode yet, although I managed to clear the first episode with 100% of all secrets and I'll be replaying the second episode soon to get 100% on this also, with any luck.

The nine levels in 'Inferno' are;

  • E3 M1: Hell Keep
  • E3 M2: Slough of Despair
  • E3 M3: Pandemonium
  • E3 M4: House of Pain
  • E3 M5: Unholy Cathedral
  • E3 M6: Mt. Erebus
  • E3 M7: Limbo
  • E3 M8: Dis
  • E3 M9: ??? (Secret Level)

The Shores of Hell

Where are all of the secrets in The Ultimate DOOM Episode 3 - 'Inferno'?

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I found a site called Classic Doom that is super awesome to include maps with flashing hidden areas! I'll be posting a screenshot later tonight to help out if you don't want to make the jump.

Episode 3 Mission 1:


Episode 3 Mission 2:


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