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Is there a location map for the lairs in Prototype 2?

I have been trying to find these all morning, but I couldn't find any.

Is there a easier way to find them without a map?

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Here is a link to a map by IGN:

Here is a link to the co-ordinates of the lairs:

Here is another link with co-ordinates:

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All lairs and other collectibles are beeing "pinged" when you are on the ingame map on the curent island you are located on.
You will just need to wait a bit. When you see a "ping" make a waypoint to it and get there.
As soon as the collectible is collected or the lair cleared, it will no longer be pinged on the map.

Also have a link, but be advised thet link might get taken down and the ingame mechanics provide you with a way to locate the lairs and collectibles.

You further need to have a certain degree of story progression to unlock the ability to enter the lairs. The first lair will be entered in a story mission.

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