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I.e., I don't know the difference between a colored block and a road block.

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Colored blocks are prettier! – badp Oct 26 '10 at 6:11
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You can place the following blocks:

  • Coloured blocks can be built cheaply.
  • Road blocks let you move twice as fast.
  • Transparent coloured blocks or force-fields only allow one team through.
  • Bank blocks work as banks for one team only.
  • Beacon blocks show up on your team's radar.
  • Jump blocks are trampolines.
  • Ladder blocks let you climb up.
  • Explosive blocks and shock blocks are very dangerous indeed. Explosives can destroy enemy blocks. Normally, you cannot destroy blocks placed the by enemy team.

The following blocks occur naturally:

  • Lava blocks flow to fill empty space, and kill you.
  • Dirt does nothing, but you can dig through it.
  • Ore, gold and diamond are valuables. You mine these and collect the spoils.
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