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Recently, I'm having trouble killing Antimage (Magina). His low-cooldown blink which allow him to get in/out of team fight makes him an annoying hero, also this hard carry hero really get so strong as the game progresses on and provided he was able to farm well, he will simply dominate each of you.

Which hero should I pick to counter to easily kill this hero?

Some say that Lion is a good counter but I simply don't get why since Lion is a INT hero and as far as I know, Antimage is very effective against INT type heroes.

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Lion is not a very good counter, he does magic damage which is easily preventable by AM's spell shield. He is just able to disable AM for a long enough time to kill him before he can blink away. – Decency Dec 23 '12 at 1:31
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This is the most useful site to answer your question:

This page has the win rates of various heroes against Anti-Mage in the latest patch, normalized for the win rates of the heroes themselves. Thus, it shows the most effective counterpicks when sorted by advantage in Ascending order.

What you can see here is what you would expect: strong silences and disables are extremely useful, as well as heroes like Ursa, Huskar, and Phantom Assassin who don't really need much mana for anything.

OD also is a noteworthy counterpick, as his aura helps him team stay at high mana and his orb deals pure damage, which is unaffected by Anti-Mage's spell shield.

Noteworthy items are Sheepstick, Orchid, and Abyssal Blade. He can dispel the silence from Orchid using Manta Style, however, so it's only good if you can get it very quickly in the game.

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please don't rely on those dotabuff stats, they really dont tell actual friends and foes, they are the number extract from so many games played by so many noobs and very less pros – GeoStrike Dec 31 '12 at 10:58
@GeoStrike Certainly they're not perfect, but they're better than nothing and usually (as in this case with the plethora of silences) give a good indication of what counters exist. – Decency Jan 1 '13 at 20:28

Some might say that Lion is a good counter, because he has good burst damage - AM's early game is very weak so it's a good idea to capitalize on that and shut him down early.

Basically, you want to get the advantage early, such as with a team of pushers so that AM can't get farm, etc.

As far as an item counter goes, try Orchid Malevolence. The Silence will keep him from blinking and the damage increase will help your team kill AM faster.

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Any hero should be fine as long as you don't let him farm, gank him many times on early game when he can't pack a punch and he'll be helpless late game. What i usually do is outfarm him with drow and then use the slow + ice arrows to gank and kill him since drow gets a lot of damage from her ult. To me the best counter is not letting him farm.

A good counter for a farmed magina is shadow demon's disruption, since the images have 60%damage and also get the mana drain from his skill if you manage to do this twice you'll leave him badly damaged and with no mana left. The best thing you can do is disruption and then silence/stun him and he'll be dead soon.

As a last thing a good tip in general vs any blinking hero is to fake a path to force a blink and then run the other way, it'll earn you precious seconds to get away from him, maybe a stun in cooldown or a tp.

P.S. Sorry for answering to this question after all the time it was posted but i really dislike a farmed magina.

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