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If Razor is wielding a Linken Sphere and a hero caster cast a targeted spell on him, will the caster still receive damage from Unstable Current?

Also, if it is the other way around. My hero is the one wielding the Linken Sphere and I casted a targeted spell on Razor, will I get a damage from Unstable Current or will Linken Sphere will block the damage?

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My first impression was yes, you get the damage but then I read the Dota 2 Wiki:

Damage activates when the ability cast on Razor begins its effect.

and decided to do some tests.

I created a practice match with cheats enabled and used Lina and Razor to test it. I tried Laguna Blade on Razor with Linken Sphere and obviously Razor take no damage from it, but Lina took the damage from Unstable Current.

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How about the other way around? What if Lina wields the Linken, will she get damaged from the Unstable Current? Or will the Linken block the damage? – MegaNairda Dec 24 '12 at 10:47
Yes, Linken will block Unstable Current (wiki) – Drake Dec 27 '12 at 9:07

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