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I've heard that there are a variety of cheat codes in both DOOM and DOOM 2, to allow things like all weapons, all keycards, walking through walls (no clipping) etc.

What are all of the cheat codes in DOOM?

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Below are the cheat codes for DOOM (all versions) and DOOM 2

Godmode                    IDDQD
All weapons + key cards    IDKFA
All weapons, no key cards  IDFA
No clipping                IDSPISPOPD (DOOM 1/Ultimate DOOM only)
No clipping (DOOM2)        IDCLIP
Show all map               IDDT
Warp to Level XX           IDCLEVxx   
     (In DOOM 1, this is (E)pisode,(M)ission ie 18 for episode 1 mission 8)

Use these codes to get specific items:

Give me a chainsaw!        IDCHOPPERS
Give item X                IDBEHOLDx  (Where x = item code)
Give beserker              IDBEHOLDS
Give invisibility          IDBEHOLDI
Give invulnerability       IDBEHOLDV
Give computer map          IDBEHOLDA
Give radiation suit        IDBEHOLDR
Give light amp goggles     IDBEHOLDL

Most of the cheat codes between DOOM and DOOM 2 are the same, the only real difference is for the no clip code which is IDSPISPOPD in DOOM and IDCLIP in DOOM 2 and Final DOOM.

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Moar: link – spyder Dec 24 '12 at 10:42

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