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I have the Cars 2 video game for the PS3 and it is quite fun.

Unfortunately, every time I start the game, after the video presentation, I get to the main menu and it is automatically in 3D. I have to navigate to settings and turn 3D mode off. The game successfully leaves 3D mode, and the screen notes that it is saving settings when I leave the menu.

The next time I turn the game on, it's back in 3D mode.

My TV is an LG 55LW5600, which has 3D capability, and is linked to the PS3. I do not think I have 3D mode active in the PS3, and I generally do not play in 3D mode.

I would like to fix this so I can let my son have some independence without him calling for daddy to fix the "bad screen" every time.

Anyone else have this problem? How do we fix it?

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I have the same problem with a lg 47lm620s....some idea to fix this? – user41557 Jan 28 '13 at 0:01

Turn HDMI to limited in the ps3 system settings

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Why does this fix the issue? – Frank Oct 3 '14 at 17:23

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