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I've just recently moved to then Netherlands from the U.S.. The only device that's really given me trouble so far is our Xbox 360 slim. The power supply is 110-only and the converter I bought for it can't really handle it (goes for about 40 minutes then overheats). I'm considering buying a new 360 here, but I'd rather not because I can't be sure that my games I brought from the states will work.

I can't find any 220-volt power supplies for 360 slims that get decent reviews and don't really know how much power the thing draws to help me pick a higher-capacity converter.

Does anyone have any advice for a gamer in a strange land? Where to get a European PS? How much power to spec in a converter?

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Whoops! Sorry, guys! I tried to find that answer, but was obviously searching for the wrong terms. Let me edit this to focus on the power portion of the question... – gomad Dec 25 '12 at 19:52
The Xbox 360 consoles are region-locked. – Krazer Dec 26 '12 at 6:29
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If you consult Microsoft's support page (under "AC power cords") about this.

You'll notice that you need a PSU that is compatible with a 230v @ 50Hz outlet for the Netherlands, which should be compatible with your NTSC Slim console (whose PSU is made for a 120v @ 60Hz outlet) because the DC output is the same (look at your PSU).

NTSC: AC input: 100-127v-3.7A, 47.63 MHz, DC output: 135 watts

PAL: AC input: 200-240v-2A, 47.63 MHz, DC output: 135 watts

It's recommend contacting Xbox 360 support and asking for a "replacement," checking your local game/electronics store, or even Ebay.

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