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I just noticed a dwarven caravan brought about a dozen barrels of blood from various sources, and a few barrels of ichor too.

What's the use of this? If there's any, how can I "collect" the blood from my victims?

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I have to say, Dwarf Fortress is quite possible the greatest game I have never played, and it will stay that way until these questions stop being awesome. – nimbus57 Oct 25 '10 at 21:07
This title is well up there with "How can I butcher a leopard" for strangest question title. – DJClayworth Oct 26 '10 at 15:26
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As of now, there isn't any in-game use for these other than selling them or general Armok-pleasing.

I also don't think that there's any way to collect them. I thought that this was what extracting at the butcher's shop did, but according to the wiki, that's just for venom and liquid fire.

Hopefully there will be some use in the future though like transfusions, occupying night creatures for a while, or coating your fortress for decorations, but alas, this does not exist yet.

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Can you dump or cook the blood? My food store is currently so full of barrels I've lost track of the blood barrels, but I bought a bunch when my lumber limits were low (and I didn't want to piss off the elves yet) in hopes I could dump or cook the contents. – Kendrick Oct 26 '10 at 15:41
+1 for blood as a decoration material. – Seamus Nov 3 '10 at 21:36

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