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Somebody thought it would be funny to recommend this game to me, so I've played it for several hours during which time I have universally failed at everything it has thrown at me. During a typical journey to London Victoria station I received the message "Station Stop Failed" at each stop without fail, even though I arrived at the station, loaded/unloaded, saw virtual people getting on and off my train before setting off to the next stop.

Does this game hate me or am I doing something obviously wrong?

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Rather unintuitively, you get the 'Station Stop Failed' message when you either;

  • Do not stop at a station you were supposed to stop at
  • Arrive late to a station you were supposed to stop at, even if you successfully stop
  • Stop in a way that all of the cars are not aligned with the platform, thus not loading/unloading those cars

For more information on the current status of the journey you're making you can press F1 to see an overview of the stops you've made and the stops you're scheduled to make. Any of these stops that have a X instead of a tick have failed, and will reflect negatively in your end-of-journey score.

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