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I just bought Minecraft and suddenly my whole Minecraft folder inside is gone; nothing except saves. I tried to Force Update but it said Not Downloaded. I downgraded to Snapshot 12w50a/12w50b, and I still get the error Not Downloaded. I installed LWJGL, but it's still not working. I'm using OS X 10.8.3.

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Stupid question, but are you using a cracked client or an account not paid for? – Jeffrey Lin Dec 29 '12 at 0:26

Go to C:/Users//AppData/Roaming/.minecraft (You must enable hidden files before doing this.)

Cut the folders "saves", "screenshots", "stats", "texturepacks", "servers.dat", and options.txt".

Make a new folder, and paste all the cut folders/files into this new folder. (This is to backup your worlds/screenshots, etc)

Delete everything else. Download Minecraft.exe from and run it. Now go to your backup folder you made, and cut/paste those files/folders into C:/Users..../.minecraft

If something says "Do you want to merge these files?" Say yes. If something says "Do you want to overwrite/replace these files?" Say yes.

Hopefully, you will have copied your worlds/screenshots/etc, re-installed Minecraft, and put your worlds/screenshots/etc back into your Minecraft game.

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I had a similar problem once, although it wasn't exactly the same. It seemed to be that when Minecraft said: not downloaded, it means that the servers were down. Once they came back up, I deleted the application and re-downloaded it, and it installed fine.

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you can check the various servers' status at – ratchet freak Dec 29 '12 at 0:41

First, check the Minecraft server's status. If it still persists and the servers are good, then follow these instructions to set up the pure Java-based launcher and try it. Hope this helps!

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