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I've noticed several items which are marked as useless for research. Should I just sell these right away, or is there ever a case in which one of them might be useful?

Items include broken flight computers, alien food, entertainment, stasis pods, etc.

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Not completely unrelated:… – badp Dec 29 '12 at 19:10
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These items have absolutely no uses beside selling them, so feel free to sell those broken flight computers and alien entertainment centers as soon as possible.

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I can also confirm I've played over 200 hours, on all difficulties, and never been asked for a 'useless' item – TheShiftExchange Dec 31 '12 at 7:47

Selling immediately is the best solution for all of these. Think of them as supplementary income.

Note that working flight computers and power sources can be used for research/construction as well as having higher monetary value. This makes EMP cannons on your interceptors a good idea. Similarly, it's best to have fights outside UFOs and be less liberal with overwatch usage inside UFOs (in case they don't hit).

Earlier in the game, even things w/ research value like corpses and Elerium are also fair game for getting extra cash for satellites or other critical infrastructure. The only things I just about never sell are alloys and weapon fragments (useful for researching and constructing weapons/armor).

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