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When completing the daedric quest "The Only Cure" you meet a series of NPCs designated "The Afflicted". I was wandering Skyrim north of Solitude when I encountered two "Afflicted Remnants" fighting with each other before attacking me.

Was this a fluke or do these "afflicted remnants" become random events such as bandits & thieves in the wilds of Skyrim? The Elder Scrolls Wikia says that a group will be sent out to hunt the dragonborn after the quest, but now that I have dispatched them once will they reappear?

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Before you start The Only Cure, you have a chance to see an Afflicted running from Bthardamz. After completing the quest, there is a chance that a group of refugee Afflicted will attack you.

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Yes, after the quest "The Only Cure" those green-puking remnants will become random events.

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