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Having reached the end of the game's storyline, we're now freeplaying around Middle Earth, picking up collectables, etc. The silver blocks and padlocks (as modelled below by Frodo) are getting in the way, as we don't seem to have a character available that can deal with them (or, we do and I've failed to notice).

Presumably, there is a character and/or a craftable tool that can do the job.
So which characters or tools can I use to break silver objects, and how do I obtain them?

cropped screenshot of LEGO LOTR showing silver padlocks

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In order of first available in terms of game process, the following can be used to destroy these blocks:

Berserker Orc character

Purchased at a cost of 200000 studs.

Becomes available after completing the story level Helm's Deep

The can be found on the world map, near Helm's Deep.
You can find this character behind the Deeping Wall.

Mithril Fireworks item

Forged with a cost of 16 Mithril blocks.

Plan becomes available after the storyline level The Black Gate.

The can be found on the world map, near Barad-dúr (Sauron's Tower).
To plans are above the door of the gate on the east side.

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Berserker is also strong and therefore able to pull orange handles. – Nelson Apr 25 '13 at 21:27
I'd like to add that there are a few blocks/cave entrances that can only be opened by the Berserker and not by the Fireworks, so if you want to be able to open all silver blockades, then you'll need the Berserker. – MicroVirus Jan 20 at 16:47

You can use bezerker to destroy silver lego. You can also craft mithril fireworks for 16 mithril bricks to destroy silver lego. In the weapons DLC pack there is an exploding cake which has the same affect.

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Where do I find the bezerker? – DMA57361 Jan 4 '13 at 18:34

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