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I am playing Civ 5 and during one of my turns all of my production times changed drasticly. one of my soldier sets went from 4 turns to over 30 turns this is after I chose it.

This happened to all 4 of my cities. I would choose a monument and it went from 10 turns to over 30. How do I get this back to correct time?

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Did you perhaps start a revolution to change civics that turn? – SaintWacko Jan 4 '13 at 0:09

I can think of several options that can affect your empire-wide production:

  1. A golden age just ended
  2. Your happiness is so low you entered the "very unhappy" stage, which halves your production output
  3. You chose a conflicting social policy tree and your empire has entered anarchy
  4. You have a railroad network which was suddenly disconnected, so you lost the +25% boost in all cities
  5. Your AI decided to switch citizens to something else (e.g. gold, if you need it desperately)
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