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So after round 101 I Upgraded a "Sun God" Super Monkey to a "Temple of the Sun God" Super Monkey, if you didn't know this makes it consume, or "sacrifice" as the game calls it, all the surrounding towers gaining different qualities dependant on the towers "sacrificed".

My Temple consumed a very large of amount of towers of every kind, and it only aqcuired 3 noticable abilities doing so. One was it shot out a missle, another it through out tornades and it shot an Area of Effect of Razors (this didn't make sense since my tack towers had been upgraded to shoot fire). I did however have a missile turret (although it had been upgraded differently then the missle the temple was shooting) and I did have a monkey apprentice that shot out tornados.

I also noticed it did significantly more damage and the Temples range covered the entire map almost. So my question is, How does the Temple of the Sun God determine its new abilities, range, and damage depending on the amount and variety of towers it has sacrificed?

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There's a bunch of information on the temple including how to get a perfect temple with every possible attack and ability. I can't say exactly what happened in your case however, since I cannot see what it looked like before sacrificing everything.

Unique Abilities, and Sacrifices Needed to Get Them. (Taken from link)

To build the most powerful temple, sacrifice the following nine maxed towers:

  • To get longer freeze time, sacrifice Ice Tower - Viral Frost. (4 - x)

  • To get larger freeze radius, sacrifice Ice Tower - Absolute Zero. (x - 4)

  • To get more corrosive glue splatter, sacrifice Glue Gunner - Bloon Liquefier. (4 - x)

  • To get larger glue splatter, sacrifice Glue Gunner - Glue Striker. (x - 4)

  • To get stronger tornadoes, sacrifice Monkey Apprentice - Tempest Tornado. (4 - x)

  • To get larger tornadoes, sacrifice Monkey Apprentice - Summon Phoenix. (x - 4)

  • To get greater missile damage against ceramic bloons, sacrifice Bomb Tower - MOAB Assassin. (x - 4)

  • To get six missiles per 1.5 seconds, sacrifice Mortar Tower - Big One (4 - x) or Artillery Battery (x - 4).

  • To get stronger sun rays, sacrifice Super Monkey - Technological Terror. (x - 4)

Note that sacrificing other tower types duplicate the 16 blade volleys per second benefit provided by sacrificing the Super Monkey - Technological Terror.

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ill add a picture later. –  Paralytic Jan 4 '13 at 22:48
Perhaps you can summarize the information into your answer in case the link one day goes dead? –  Tharius Jan 16 '13 at 19:33
There are 2 different opinions. One is that what matter is only the kind of sacrifice and the price. The other is the upgrade matter. –  Jim Thio Oct 14 '13 at 1:39

Apprentices do tornadoes Bombs/Mortars do explosions Glue Gunners do glue splatters Ice towers freeze Any other tier 4 does blade

look here for details http://bloons.wikia.com/wiki/Temple_of_the_Monkey_God/Sacrifices

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I notice that by sacrificing bloon chipper and monkey engineer or possibly on fo them makes the temple shoot darts.

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The other towers upgraded makes piercing and shoot darts or blades.

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Hi Ethan, This answer doesn't seem very clear. Perhaps you could edit it to explain further? –  Simon W Jan 4 at 10:33

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