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is there a command in battlefield 3 to change the mouse sensitivity with a numerical value in the console?

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You can edit your config file for a more precise sensitivity adjustment.

Configs are located in:

My Documents/Battlefield 3/PROF_SAVE_profile

Back this file up before making any changes.

Open in Notepad and edit these values. I haven't tweaked these in the config since beta when there was a bug with the sensitivity slider, so I couldn't tell you what the scheme0/1/2 values affect.


Edit: Try this in the console

GstInput.MouseSensitivity 0.418605

Edit the value to your preference.

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C:\Users\yourname\Documents\Battlefield 3\settings
the filename is PROF_SAVE_profile which can be opened with wordpad

the command that works is the second

GstInput.MouseRawInput 1
GstInput.MouseSensitivity 0.001347
GstInput.MouseSensitivityVehicle 0.020000
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