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I'm playing around with Auriel's bow and the sunburst shot and I have a few questions about its effectiveness.

  • Can it strike a target multiple times?
  • How much damage does it do?
  • Does it cause friendly fire?
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  1. Yes. Sunburst shots from Sunhallowed Elven Arrow will create a small AoE (area of effect) of blast upon impact and mainly effective again undeads and vampires.
  2. Base damage:

    16(elven arrow) + 20(sun damage) + 13(Auriel's Bow) = 49

    Note: This is not including Archery perks (Overdraw etc.) and armor enchantments. Also 3x damage for sun damage if used on undead and vampires (total base damage 89).

  3. Yes.

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oh nice, so bow damage boosts sunburst, that's good to know. – l I Jan 29 '13 at 3:33

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