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I picked up Miner Wars: Arena a little while ago, and it's pretty entertaining (although depressingly limited). The split screen multiplayer mode is a good competitive game to play with a friend, but the default keyboard controls for Player 2 are terrible. Worse still, I can't find a way to customize the controls in the in-game menus.

Am I just missing it somewhere? Or is there some other way I can remap the controls to my liking?

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Sorry but there's no way to change controls in Miner Wars Arena.

The good news is that player2 should be able to play without problems - we designed it that way. If you look into game help screen, you will see that there are multiple ways how to operate as player2.

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This is unfortunate. The other player didn't like any of the P2 controls, and frankly, neither did I. It's playable I guess, but some customization would be nice. – GnomeSlice Jan 10 '13 at 0:48

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