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What is the best Rifle and submachine gun in Metal Gear Solid 4? By best I mean, best rate of fire and greatest damage.

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I'm a big fan of the MP7. The high rate of fire, low recoil, and good power for a little gun make it a good stopper, and being able to fit it with a scope when needed holds it above the P90. I would have loved to see the 40-round mag in this game, though, because you can burn through the little 20-rounders quick if you aren't careful. If I'm trying to stay quiet, I'll stick with the MP5SD2.

On the rifle side of things, I tend to use the M14EBR quite a bit, probably one of the best all-rounders in the game. Controllable on auto with bursts, can be fitted with a suppressor, common ammunition, two-stage scope, and 20 rounds of 7.62x51. I would like it better if you could pop corners with it, though.

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These are my personal preferences ... I think they are the best!

Best Submachine gun:
Bizon : Its magazine holds sixty-four 9mm x 18 rounds. Has only moderate stopping power, but its large magazine capacity cuts down on reloads.

Best Assualt Rifle:
FAL Carbine: It fires the 7.62x51mm round and has a 20 round magazine.

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