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8,848 meters is the height of Mount Everest, so likely this achievement is related to climbing the same distance as that historically and geographically significant peak.


I've had trouble with this one as well. What you're missing is once you're pointing at a bright enough source, you need to turn your Vita around, like a steering wheel (spinning the screen) until you see the small handle you need to turn. This is mentioned somewhere along the game, but isn't very clear during this so-called mini-game.


I reckon that their interface is not intuitive at all. So to send a boat to another port, follow these steps: Select your departure port Select the boat you want to send Select the sail icon on the bottom of the side bar Select your destination port The UI is pretty inintuitive for different reason. Firstly the selection effect on the items of the side ...


My understanding is that this is a single story mission towards the end of the game that involves both Aveline and Connor. After you complete this mission, if you have linked you AC3 and AC3:L games you can choose to replay the mission as Connor and select Connor as an outfit from the dressing chamber. Source

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