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At the Top Left of your Screen you can see the Information Box which renderes several Inforamtions directly on the map e.g. Traffic flow. Simply click through all of them and you get the Achievment.


That is absolutely correct, you get double credit for choosing random and the race you end up playing as. However, you have to win, not just play the required number of games to obtain the portraits.


You're going to need to be quite creative with this one, but it can be done. The good news is, if you manage to get a green slmie to hurt you, it seems to do a lot of damage. At least 5 hearts worth. Here's the setup and explanation: I've tested this in the level editor mode and these both work reliably. However, it seems you can't get the achievement ...


Nope. The iOS (okay... iPad) version of Halo: Spartan Assault is not linked with Xbox Live Arcade in any way, due to the way the APIs are handled in each version of the game. The iOS version is locked to Game Center. Steam uses the Steam API (in steam_api.dll) to add achievements to a Steam account, the Windows Store app does not record (as far as I know) ...


To get the achievement/trophy for completing the game on Uber, all you need to do is select the last chapter (Chapter 16) from any of the two timelines and go through it. Both this achievement and Super hero achievement will unlock simultaneously (assuming you completed the campaign on normal or a lesser difficulty). You will also keep all the upgrades ...


Assuming you've already beaten all the levels before the upgrade, you only need to complete the level before the last level in order to activate the achievement.


From my observations I can say that usually people at levels 1-8 struggle to get the AP (obviously), once they get to lvl 8 it's the badge hunting till level 12 or so, and then it's again the AP that's missing for level 12-16 Given this, your strategy will depend on you long-term goals. If you don't want to get higher than 12 then ideally you should focus ...

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