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The achievement requires wearing the masks awarded for completing all jobs on each difficulty. Specifically, the four masks are called The Hard Skull, The Very Hard Skull, The Overkill Skull, and The Deathwish Skull. Each must be worn by one player during a heist to get the achievement.


Your best bet is to get a party of people who have the DLC that's large enough to fill the matchmaking lobby. If you don't have enough friends (or controllers) with the DLC to pull this off then you can look to one of the many achievement websites to try and organize a boosting session with their community. I would recommend TrueAchievements. Be warned ...


There appears to be a bug by which you only obtain this achievement when you obtain the "Be Polite" achievement: once you've provided a freeze cam of each your melee taunt and your primary taunt you get both. Odd.


i don't believe so, the Trophies are tied to the PSN Account. if the new user was to sign out of your account and log in with theirs the trophies would sync however since it's a totally different user being logged into that profile (not to mention different console which has to be activated to the PSN Account) i dare say the old trophies would be removed ...

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