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You have to use the Enforcer skill Bullet Storm (Ace). It allows you to fire without depleting your ammunition for 15 seconds directly after deploying an ammo bag.


Yes, you can get the "Diamonds to you!" achievement in singleplayer. There are 2 ways to get it. The first is precisely what you describe; you can throw a diamond at a zombie, and if they pick it up, it counts for the achievement. Not all zombies will pick things up though, so you may need to try a couple zombies. The other way you can earn this achievement ...


Thanks to the video provided by mhsjlw, I was able to finally figure out how to earn this achievement. My problem was I wasn't using enough sticky bombs and thus wasn't getting enough force to propel myself the distance. Unlike the video, I earned it on Dustbowl, by flinging from the top-right entrance to BLU's spawn, to the cliffs in the diagonally ...


The easiest way to achieve the Highland fling is to jump across koth_badlands. You can do this by placing stickies here (make sure you don't place too little or too much, 3 stickies is good): And then you can step forward a little bit past the sickies and detonate to propel yourself across the map so that you hit an invisible wall. Enjoy the achievement! ...

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