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No, that wasn't a mistake. Badges levels are cumulative, so a black badge counts also as a bronze, silver and gold badge in terms of requirements. Also, badges gained early still count for the requirements of later levels. This is better explained by this image: As you can see those two black badges will still count all the way through level 16, so you'd ...


Most of Act IV consists of Demon classified creatures. The suggestion to farm Act IV Quest I is appropriate, however you should probably use Blackthorn's set to gain immunity from Molten or have sufficient health regeneration to accommodate it being layered on you while you stand still (if simply afk farming the demons). I propose however that you run all ...


A "pat hand" is a draw poker term, but in this case, it seems to refer to a hand that is very likely to win. So, instead of raising when you have a Flush or Straight, check/call instead. Now... it's been a while since I've played the game, but I'm going to assume that calling counts for this achievement... or any other action that isn't raising.

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