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The Lost is meant to be the most secret and elusive unlockable character in the new Binding of Isaac. The short version, with just the instructions to unlock the character, is under the spoiler: There's anyway a longer explanation tied to the character. The sequence of steps to unlock the Lost is not explained anywhere in the game and requires a long ...


Possible way to do this from CobaltStreak's stream: This was later proved several times to work and was the official way of unlocking "The Lost". Source


They were placeholders for achievements for the Hoxton Breakout job. "I" became "Why Don't We Just Use a Spoon?": Complete the Hoxton Breakout heist on any difficulty. "am" became "No Bars Can Hold Me": Complete the Hoxton Breakout heist on the Death Wish difficulty. "free" became "Havoc in the Streets": Complete the Hoxton Breakout pro ob heist on Death ...


To get 'Man That's Fast' you need to complete the first campaign in under 12 minutes, including getting every secret and coin. To get 'Man That's Really Fast' you need to complete the second campaign in under 20 minutes, including all coins and secrets.


Try this: seed: 184133953 Spiral-8,medium 2 empires,normal age average system balancing,Medium galaxy density Normal,Few Average,Average Normal,Normal Normal Started with Karta Vauclas On turn 493 I finally got Tephys Taken from this Steam Community Post. If you want to speed things up however, the same post also suggests doing an edit to the Hero.xml ...


It turns out there is another way. With frame perfect timing you can actually go there straight from the Gordian Knot room without passing through Backsliders first. See 5:55 in this youtube video: ...

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