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Achievements: A History The first form of achievements that appeared, in the way you describe them was on the Atari 2600, 30 years ago. For some of the Activision games on the system, there would have challenges listed in them. Most often, these were simply "score x amount of points," but there were also challenges such as "finish a level in six seconds", ...


Not sure how I missed it at first, but only after posting the screenshot that I took did I notice the "F4 Steam sync" text in the top-right corner of the feats screen. After pressing F4 on that screen, all my precious feats were immediately copied to my Steam achievements! Yay! I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume this should also work for the GoG ...


According to the Google support FAQ, you it should happen within 15 minutes: Q: How often do my recharge stats update? A: You should see your recharge activity reflected in your stats within 15 minutes.


There is no unique rule but multiple rules : Regional and Global statistics for the MU counts refresh every 5 hours Guardian statistics are refreshed every day at 00h00 (it looks like 00h00 in local hour) other statistics are refreshed every X minutes (where 1 < X < 5 in general). You can clearly notice it when receiving a new badge, sometimes you're ...


When you achieve something in season mode, you also get the normal mode equivalent achievement. Just like the example you gave in comments: if you touch 70 healing fountians with a seasonal character while you still needed 50 for the normal achievement, you'll get said achievement both in season and normal modes. Also, from the wiki: Will achievements ...


At the end of the season, any achievements you earn which were not earned in non season will be awarded Your heroes keep all their gear, crafting materials, gold, blood shards, Paragon experience, and any new recipes they may have earned during the course of a Season. This also includes any new Stash tabs purchased or Artisan levels earned (if higher ...


There is no way knowing that. Only thing what you can do is to check each body and if someone died by any indirect action of you, the achievement is void and you have to reload an earlier save. Source: I have the achievement.

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