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Yas Marina is the best track to do it, since it consist of the longest straights in the game. International GP Circuit is your best bet. As for a car, you shoudl wait until you unlock something in Tier 4. I think that all cars from this tier can manage 370km/h. Koenigsegg is fastest of them all.


Game companies often disable achievement unlocking whilst offline. This is because, while offline, it is a lot easier to "cheat the system" and hack any and all achievements available to the player. The player being online is essentially one of the greatest tools they have to ensure the achievements are unlocked honestly. Unfortunately, for most systems, ...


I like to use TrueAchievements for stats on achievements like this. The general community on TA is very active on flagging categories for achievements including when an achievement becomes unobtainable. I have not personally played this game, nor can I verify which achievements are unobtainable. However, the TA community keeps all of this information up ...


I found two possible strategies : on Froggerer, try to get bounced by the NPC vehicles without getting ripped apart link using Blackjack's Bus Serpentine from the Workshop link


1° It should not be in one game 2° That troubles me : I've certainly seen more than 20 soldiers being killed by a charging boar You mean your soldiers ? The boars must kill your ennemies. I found some advice in the link you gave pretty useful : map 12, "The Ascent", seems to be a good choice, since it has boars and lots of spiders using teleport ...


I got the achievement while doing following: I tried all default tracks/levels; I tried all vehicles; I tried all characters; I tried all poses for 1 character (you don't have to try all poses for all characters and maybe the poses aren't important at all) So, you didn't try all levels...and maybe not all poses for 1 character?

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