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war that time forgot. its in the battlefields of eternity. kill the angel and stand in the starting point by the "time lock" and let the demon captain summon his unlimited timelost demonic marauders. make sure your xbox autoshut off is not on.


Be sure to do this under Scenario mode: Santa's Little Helper Buy the first two: Santa's little neurax worm, and festive tendrils. Then buy: sloth, gluttony, jealousy, and intoxication. It should unlock shortly after this.


If you have cheats enabled you can give yourself the achievement with the command /achievement give I cannot recall the name of the achievement. I think its achievement.diamondstoyou but I could be wrong


According to GameFaqs and GameCenter you have to earn all keys on "Driver's Education"


Try: Launch TF2, click "items", select the stats tab, and then select "reset stats" to the bottom right. Your loadouts will be reset however, and you'll have to re-add the items onto your classes. (Source) Alternately, send Valve a support ticket asking to have your achievements for TF2 reset, but expect to wait a week or so. (Source) Note: Achieving ...


I don't believe there's a completely legit way to do this. However... If you're willing to risk a VAC ban (however unlikely it may be), look at the Steam Achievement Manager. Sketchy-looking site, people use the tool to cheat, use at your own risk, etc. etc. etc. Here are some old Steam forums of people talking about SAM, as well as a previous ...


As pointed out by Lars Ebert in the comments, all the data entries are found on this page on the Anno 2070 wiki. The entries are all sorted in different categories and collecting them all will award the Training Complete achievement (or not, apparently it's impossible to get it after having the Deep Ocean Expansion). The entries are as follows: Command ...


If you are playing on Steam (I am not sure about the mobile version but they should be there too) All 3 Medals (Easy, Medium, and Hard) on Ice Flow. All 3 Medals (Easy, Medium, and Hard) on Challenger Deep. All 3 Medals (Easy, Medium, and Hard) on Ice Flow Co-Op. All 3 Medals (Easy, Medium, and Hard) on Challenger Deep Co-Op.


The grappling hook is the easiest method and the easiest base to achieve this is Cima Leon: Silo. There are only a few chaos objects in the base and they are all easy enough to break with your hook. The base is on the first island and the co-ordinates are N 40 41.334 E 5 43.546

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