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You only need to fully upgrade the engines and man the piloting station with an inexperienced crew member. That's a 35%+5% = 40% dodge change. Engines don't need to be manned. Piloting station does not need to be upgraded. Only using the autopilot does not work (assumption). Since you have a 60% change of getting hit, the chance to get hit 5 times in a row ...


You can get more stars by completing user-generated levels. Tap on the right button in the menu and go to "Featured" to get started. You can earn more secret coins by completing mappacks :)


For doing almost all of the "kills with powers" challenges, the best place is the hard variant of Super Power Fight Club. As is my way, I have a complete guide to challenges and related achievements for your perusal: The best way to get aliens to kill with super powers is… to play Super Power Fight Club. If you play the “Hard” instance of this, the ...


Steam does not provide such functionality. You need to use a 3rd party tool. One of such websites is AStats. Once you've found your profile, you'll be able to navigate to the page with games completed 100% like in this screenshot.


An Army Of Four is one of 30 achievements added in XCOM Enemy Within. These achievements will still display on the Steam interface but can't be completed without owning Enemy Within, even if you do what it tells you.


Loud, fast, coordinated, and on Hard I am going to make the following assumptions for this: You have 4 players that are familiar with the heist and what Plan B (loud) entails That at least two players can consistently get the correct computer for the time-lock on the first try whenever luck isn't severely in your favor. Look up the "It Takes Two To Tango" ...


I got a diamond sword, decided to go absolutely ballistic, (I had about 200 levels) and enchanted it with all possible enchantments, even the ones not meant for swords. (I did this by combining the sword with enchanted books) I then got a critical hit on a zombie to complete the mission. Not only I did the 8 hearts of damage, I killed it in one single hit! ...


You go to the Troupple King's pond and let him fill your chalice and watch his dance and you will have the achievement. Talk to him by pressing up.


I finally did this with Arc Cannon + Capacitor: This is the most reliable method of getting Gooser kills that I've found: Equip the Arc Cannon + Capacitor Stand just out of nuclear ...


I finally got this, then got it again in quick succession: Both times I was very lucky. The first time: I was equipped with a chain gun. Every other titan on my team was carrying ...

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