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This is bug, shorttrain map is removed from the select list. You need to first load any demolition map and then from console write changelevel de_shorttrain and win a match.


I finished the Chocobo Catcher race up last night after about 5 hours of trying (I even got a time of 0.4 after about 3 hours using these tips.) Firstly, know that this is a luck based game, you do not have the opportunity to win every time :( I have seen it beaten in 15 minutes, and there are people like the author of the linked question who have tried much ...


Yes, any of the books required for the achievement can be dropped in adventure mode, given that you are in the area where the book drop. Note that some of these books are more rare than others and might take several resets (leave game > create new game) before getting them.


Many of them, yes, but not all of them. You will have to play in Story mode at least once if you want to find all of the lore books.


6 Supply Depot 6 Barracks 6 SCV 7 SCV 8 Barracks (first barracks is still being built use another SCV to do this) Retask SCV's to mineral collection when they're done building When the first barracks is finished start building marines in it (6-7 I think) When the second barracks is finished build more marines out of it (3-4)


Your achievements are stored in the world save, inside the stats folder, so they're shouldn't be lost. Each player gets a dedicated file named with their unique ID (what the Minecraft authentication server uses behind the scenes). Check that you've properly copied your world's stats file into the world folder — if you just individually copied the region ...


They don't work with mods. However you can go to creative and do what they ask. If the achievement is to craft or smelt something, get it in creative and smelt it or get the materials used to make it and craft it. If it is mine something, get it in creative, throw the block or item you should mine on the floor and pick it up.


You want to control an AoE (area of effect) unit. A quite common is tanks from the Terran race. Their splash damage is enough to kill either a pack of zerglings or marines rather swiftly. A Helion can also do the trick vs zergling, even better if it has blue-flame upgrade. Tho this is fragile and thus you need to kite the zergligs with it. You do at least ...


It's possible even with addon - just found a workaround :D - I hibernated the PC with anno on (while playing continuous game) - after waking it up, i got in the game and i got the archievement after few secs of play.


You get it for earning all the other achievements.


Ouch! Your fears are justified according to this Steam poster: You need to have all the cards together at one point in order to get the achievement. At least 1 of each. Getting the gold star for getting them all won't get you the achievement. (Need to be holding 1 of every card to get it.) You can get back any rare cards you missed or modded in Disc 4. ...

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