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As posted by on of the devs: Victory-based achievements can only be unlocked in single-player games started from the New Game panel (without clicking Advanced) to discourage cheating. I'd hazard the advanced panel allows for customization of the game which may allow abuse.


The answer is sort of. On a normal New Game (i.e., non-challenge mode) playthrough that you then take into challenge mode by defeating the final boss and then selected 'challenge mode' on the title menu, it does track. However, progress will be reset on all subsequent challenge mode starts. If you fail to receive the trophy in your first challenge mode ...


Make sure you completed all mission's before you reach the first clockworks terminal If it still doesnt work try uninstalling and installing the Spiral Knights game Still doesnt work? Try uninstalling and installing TF2


Equip the Takumi car, then equip the spinner wheels. Go into a private match/online match, doesnt matter. Hold down hshift and drift in circles atleast 2 times. Leave the game then equip the christiono wheels and do the same thing, this shoudld get you the achievement!


Based on the list mentioned by @agent86, I constructed the following lists. I played the game straight forward without trying to do anything else than win and I got the following achievements. So I consider these as "not really secret", because you must find them to win. Number One (DE: Nummer 1) Number Two (DE: Nummer 2) Flush (DE: KlospĆ¼lung) Yesterday'...


It seems as though the list of achievements for Steam is the same as for the PS4 version, so some cross referencing of this list against your Steam achievements, plus this list of descriptions for all the secret ones should clue you in. There are a few that are likely candidates, though: Chef - requires that you microwave the hamster in the original ...


There used to also be a scam where you can start building on their gas as zerg, causing all the drones to attack. Then you cancel before complete or death and repeat. This cripples their economy.


Another edge case where your definition of "DLC" may change the answer: episodic games like Walking Dead or Life Is Strange. In these games, you have to play through all episodes of the season to get platinum. If you consider episodes 2-5 to be DLC for episode 1, then this would be another case where you need DLC.


Third party websites like the one Seiyria made are great, but do not take into account the games you played during free weekends, and probably also miss games you played using Steam Family Sharing. If your Steam level is 10 or above, you can see an exact list of games that contribute to your Avg. Game Completion Rate using the Achievement Showcase. While ...

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