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No, that wasn't a mistake. Badges levels are cumulative, so a black badge counts also as a bronze, silver and gold badge in terms of requirements. Also, badges gained early still count for the requirements of later levels. This is better explained by this image: As you can see those two black badges will still count all the way through level 16, so you'd ...


Finishing Aesthetics, building National Epic and Garden, and the Avant Garde tenet each give +25% so those four right there will double a city's output. A fully loaded Musicians Guild gives 3 GPP for the guild itself, and then 3 GPP for each specialist working it, for a total of 9 GPP. Doubling it as I mentioned yields 18 GPP/turn. Assuming no other ...


No, you don't need to. Any achievement in game can be obtained naturally or manually (SAM). Even though you have a very limited amount of weapon slots and frame slots, leveling each frame/weapon to 30 is simple, provided you sell each frame and weapon as you go along.


Send out the odin and initial thor with a repairing scv to wipe out two bases (assuming you went for the mech base first). Start two engineering bays and research infantry upgrades asap. I started with air base and took the early expo. You do not want to build units early on, because you need the minerals for your economy. Keep grabing expos, slowly ...


Replace your 1.7.10 launcher (delete the contents of minecraft launcher folder) with the 1.6.4 launcher. If you have a copy of that saved somewhere on your PC, copy the contents of the Minecraft launcher folder of 1.6.4 and paste it in 1.7.10 (choose your profile and then play), I had the problem but I did this and now it's okay.


There are a few matters to consider. First, the game comes with its own set of achievements as can be seen on the game's page on Trueachievements. While it is a bundle, due to it having its own game ID, it does not automatically include achievements from earlier versions of the game nor will it allow to unlock those. What other platforms might offer might be ...

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