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Its really easy if you can finish the game and unlock the police man, as he can carry bodies without suspicion. Just pick them off while their alone and carry the body to a hiding spot (a good one being that corner on the outside of the building beside the bathroom. DGarvanski is right about both the map and that the disposing of bodies is counted as a trap, ...


This Video might help you. You must be riding a wall while killing three enemies without dying in between the kills. To clarify, you need to be wall riding when the elimination happens and you receive the notification on your screen. What the guy does, and seams to be easier is to push them off the map and just ride till they hit the bottom.


I've had this happen to me several times. Occasionally replaying the boss level triggered it, but other times the only way I've been able to resolve it is by playing each level in the world again in order. Since you already have that world's plants unlocked, the second playthrough is much easier than the first.


As far as I know from here (it talks about SquareLogic, but it should applies to all games), Steam check your SteamID to calculate achievements. So, if you change your computer but you're going to use the same account name, you should get the achievement.

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