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From Angry Birds' Nest: It seems the 3-star minimum for Carnival Upheaval 8-5 has been raised. It was previously 65,000, but now I have 1 star at 78,000. Rovio did respond to our inquiry saying, “Yeah. That Carnival level limit is not correct. Will be fixed. Sorry about that”. If anyone can find the new limit we are curious (note, it may be impossible).


I found that this one is "invisble" on the iPhone (but it appears to be visible on other platforms from anecdotal evidence) The remaining one is on 5-2, triggered by hitting the TNT box to the far right of the screen, past the umbrella and water ring. This causes a new box on a chain to fall from the sky. (self-answer due to this one was tricky for me and ...


Rovio customer service is available at this link. They may have some ability to help you. In the future, you may want to start a little file folder with print outs of your product keys to make them easier to find.

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