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The algorithm is deterministic, but it's arguable that the overall result of launching a bird is effectively non-deterministic because it relies on (extraordinarily sensitive) user input. To test the algorithm and the effect user input has on it, I used the following procedure: Load the Google Chrome version of Angry Birds Load level 1-1 Pull the mouse ...


Angry Birds uses Box2D library for physics. Is Box2D deterministic? For the same input, and same binary, Box2D will reproduce any simulation. Box2D does not use any random numbers nor base any computation on random events (such as timers, etc). However, people often want more stringent determinism. People often want to know if Box2D can produce ...


Here's a video walkthrough of 3-11 through 3-15: http://www.rovio.com/index.php?page=angry-birds-walkthrough-videos#3_11_15 direct link to just that video


Youtube has a bunch of these: This is the "Official Angry Birds 3 Star Walkthrough Theme 3 Levels 11-15" A description of what occurs in the video: 1. Fire black bird at gap between concrete levels 3 and 4 (one above first die). 2. Black bird explodes on ...


The dice decrease by one each time they hit another object but are not destroyed. When they are destroyed, you earn 1000 times the number on the die. So the trick is to try and destroy them on the first hit, in order to earn 6000 points.


Some levels are subject to random explosions shortly after the level starts, and some bricks can fall on their own before you've ever thrown a bird. These events occur rarely but by the time you've three-starred every level in every game you'll probably have seen it a few times, as I have. I would expect that this occurs because of timing issues, possibly ...


Uninstall, and reinstall the game. This will clear your saved data and reset the game.


It doesn't matter, as far as I know. There's two things to keep in mind with yellow birds: They are only effective against certain materials. They will rip through wood but seem to be particularly weak against ice. When you choose to click on the bird after launching it determines what kind of trajectory the bird will have; apart from going backwards, you ...


The time it takes for a boomerang bird to turn around appears to be based directly on its momentum. If you shoot straight up and trigger it at the apex of its flight, it should change direction immediately because it has no momentum. On the opposite end of the spectrum is when you trigger it after it's been falling downward for a second -- its direction ...


Just some (pretty) flotsam - they don't play any part other than being an obstacle. (You'll find lots more of such things in later levels - only items like the crates of dynamite and balloons are "active".)


Here's a guide on how to get all the golden eggs. This is copy and pasted straight from the website: Getting 3 stars in the first chapter Getting 3 stars in the second chapter In the level select screen, tap the sun Watch the credits, there's one at the end Within any level, go to the help screen. There's one in the white bird's help image. ...


Aim the black bird at the row just under the first dice and DON'T explode him. If you hit it right he will explode and take out 3 of the pigs. Then you are left with the two white birds to get the last pig on the end.


A simple way would be to keep trying till you destroy everything. Note that you can use some of the other birds before using the Eagle! However, there is a "4-stars" score for each level, invisible to you. (See: Eagle Score on this AngryBirdsNest post). You have to reach that score with the eagle to get 100%. The percentage of that score you get is the ...


They seem to be "General / Admiral" pigs. I get the impression they're somehow Prussian. They take slightly more effort to kill (more force, or more minor hits) than the regular pigs. In turn the king pig takes the most effort to kill (partially due to the protective effect of the crown).


Yes, the Mighty Eagle kills all the pigs in the level, even if you throw it backwards off the screen. However, the eagle will not destroy all the blocks on the screen, as you said. The Mighty Eagle is kind of like a mini game within Angry Birds that passes the level for you that you can only use every hour. Source: I just tried it out on my iTouch.


Rovio has walkthroughs on YouTube:


In different levels (or in special screens) there are "hidden" golden eggs. Once you touch or see them, they will be displayed in the "Golden Eggs" screen. When you touch them there you can play an extra level Examples on where to find golden eggs: At the end of the credit (just let them running through) Just touch the sun in the level select screen ...


I've always found 3-Star runs for every level i was in trouble with. Try searching for "Angry Birds Level X-Y 3 Star" on youtube if you have trouble with the X-Y level.


I would suggest starting with the original Angry Birds, simply because it contains much more levels than the Seasons edition. (The original Angry Birds has 11 worlds as of this post, and the Seasons edition has 3 Halloween worlds and 25 Christmas levels.) The Seasons edition is more of an extension to the original.


This web page explains how the Mighty Eagle works. The salient points are: You will not receive any stars or points from using the Mighty Eagle - your performance is considered in relation to a completely separate 'Eagle Score' It's not a one-use item - once you purchase the Mighty Eagle you will have permanent access to it. However you can only use it ...


Angry Birds Nest has a guide, as usual. Summarized below:


As far as I can find, the wholly Finnish game developer has never said anything about the bird sounds, let alone their alleged Frenchiness. Any answer beyond this would be opinion and thus not a proper answer for this site, unless one of the 10 or so people from the original development team can give a definitive answer followed by "I know cuz I was there." ...


You have to type Open, noting the capital O


I just tried http://www.macroplant.com/iphoneexplorer/ and it allowed me to just drag and drop my highscore file from my old iPhone (2G, jailbroken) to my new (iPhone 4, not jailbroken). Hope that works for you too!


I would try copying the following file from one computer to the other: C:\Documents and Settings\<your user account>\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Local Storage\http_chrome.angrybirds.com_0.localstorage (Change the drive letter as appropriate) Backing up and restoring this file works for me on the same computer, but ...


I believe that's your highest score so far for a set of levels, presumably the Trick or Treat levels. As for why it shows and counts it every time ... that's either a bug or a really dumb decision made by Rovio. It doesn't happen on the Android version. Note that the highscore for the level is shown below it on the yellow tab, and the current score below ...


I agree with this question and have an unfortunate answer. The saddest part of the iOS line is that iTunes does not back up CoreData / Application generated data (save games, favorites, you know, locally saved data). The only way this is feasible is if the application supported saving progress back to the server, and loading it back to the device next time ...


On iOS, the actual GameCenter achievements are stored on Apple's servers. You don't need to back them up. The progress is saved in private/var/mobile/Applications/<Angry Birds>/Documents/highscores.lua, so you can back up and restore that file. Here's easy instructions for it. On Android there are no achievements but for backing up progress, ...


i solved it by updating my VGA card driver.


You can't open the chest at all in the chrome version: you have to use your birds to hit randomly placed chrome balls, in some levels. The first one is in level 1-16, and you need to zoom out all the way to see it, on this little floating island. Also in level 1-18, zoom out to find that at the top of the mound there is a chrome ball.

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