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I've beaten every hardcore mission with a Crawler followed by 5 Supply Trucks or all Supply Trucks. That's Supply Trucks upgraded to three stars (airstrikes), by the way, and yes, it's a serious(ly cheesy) strategy. Here are some preliminary observations before I go into the strategy itself: Supply Trucks upgraded to 3 stars require 9 charges before they ...


Here is how I solved the last mission: Troop-setup: Crawler, followed by a shield generator, followed by a second crawler. At the beginning you should have enough money to fully upgrade the first crawler (allowing you to 1-shot the weakest towers) and the shield generator, plus I think upgrade the second crawler once. Naturally you should upgrade the ...


I'm not exactly sure what you mean by 'worth it', but killing all the towers in the level will get you a gold Ruthlessness medal (enough of which gets you a Steam Achievement). Edit: To answer the question of worth: successfully completing a level's objectives (regardless of how efficiently or thoroughly it was done) will unlock the next level and any new ...


Directness is purely time or distance based (they're the same). Double check anywhere where you have to back track and pay close attention to the junction timers. Edit: This is a junction timer. Now that I have a screen shot, I should have called them ETA timers. They appear when you float the mouse over a junction. Try a few routes and see if you can ...


It changes the ability it produces. 0 star: Repair (every 5 kills) 1 star: Smoke screen (every 6 kills) 2 star: Decoy (every 7 kills) 3 star: Air strike (every 8 kills) It's so cheep so you can simply choose which you want. Note that the better abilities require more kills to produce


It might be too late for You but hope this will help somebody someday. You must upload it in this location {Steam}\userdata{ID}\91200\remote like on this Steam forum. This is my save game. All maps are accessible.

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